Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do you book your weddings? My husband and I have a young, growing family and since life is so unpredictable, we decided to book our weddings no more than one year in advance. I know that this is frustrating for some couples who want to plan ahead but it is a decision we feel is important for our family. I will pencil in dates for serious clients but will not take a deposit until the one year mark.

What equipment do you use? I shoot with Sony. I have the a7iii and a7s and all my lenses are Sony as well. I have the Zhiyun crane gimbal for stabilization, Zoom H5 audio recorder, and Sennheiser wireless microphones.

How will you work with our photographer? I work really well with photographers. I always introduce myself ahead of time and ask how I can make the day go smoothly for both of us. I really try to take a "hands off" approach and just let things happen naturally, as not to disrupt the photographer or the couple. Photographers like it that I am easy going and flexible.

Do we get to pick the music for our video? I welcome song suggestions from the couples, but since the highlight video is posted online, I need to buy the rights to use the music and there is very limited popular music available. Please know that music selection is of utmost importance to me and I spend countless hours listening and determining which songs fit best to make the video a perfect reflection of the wedding day. 

Do you use lights? Very rarely. I try to be as discreet as possible throughout the day and I know lights can be distracting, so only when needed, I will set up a light stand to capture important moments (such as the toasts) to ensure you get the best quality video. I will inform the photographer ahead of time when I’m planning to light so he/she can be prepared. Otherwise, I do not use lights. I researched and bought the best camera gear for working in low light situations.

When will I receive my video? Clients are thrilled with my quick turn around time: 4-6 weeks for highlight videos and 10-12 weeks for feature films. I know you are excited to see them so I work very hard to get them finished as soon as possible!

Photo Credit: Lytle Photo Co

Photo Credit: Lytle Photo Co